About Us - Infinite Codeworks

About Us

Infinite Codeworks was launched by Ben Burch in 2010. The aim was simple: to bridge the void between technology and business. After working in a variety of industries it was apparent that so often IT suppliers failed to deliver what the business was looking for, all too often the focus was on the technology and not the business.

Ben started his career after completing his Engineering Degree at Oxford University. Following on from his success in the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race and international rowing he challenged the status quo, always pushing for more from himself and those around him. This determination and questioning approach learnt from competitive sport comes through in the way the Infinite Codeworks is managed.

Over the years we have developed an enviable reputation for system integrations and custom software development. We are relentlessly focused on our customer’s business to ensure we deliver solutions that really solve problems. An important part of this approach is the language we use, plain english, not technical jargon.

We would love to talk to you about your requirements and create a system integration solution that works for your business.

Customer Focussed

Everyone says this but do they really mean it? We really go out of our way to make everyone happy with the services we offer. We want you to come back, that’s why so many of our clients stay with us.

Our Team

We are a strong team of outstanding individuals all driving towards common goals. We operate between two centres of excellence in the UK and Ukraine giving our clients access to more expertise, choice and flexibility.

Lean and Efficient

We are always looking for ways to be more efficient. We remain agile and adaptive, creating teams based on the task and working together to clear goals.

Working Together

We speak your language – we talk to you about your business, we learn about your business and we don’t talk jargon. Building a long-term relationship is key to our continued success, we really want to work alongside you as you grow.