There is nothing more impersonal and infuriating than contacting a company and receiving a reply with a ticket number. At a recent team meeting we all agreed, this does not fit with our core belief that customers are our partners. How can someone be a partner if you just put them in a queue and treat them as a number!

As one of our customers just said:

Tickets are for trains!

This brought it home and reminded us that our internal processes and systems are just that, they are for us to manage our time and improve how we can react and resolve issues. They are NOT for our customers.

As far as our customers are concerned they want to deal with real human beings that they can talk to on the phone or chat to online, they want their issue resolved and they don’t often care how.

So we got rid of our internal ticketing system and replaced it with HelpScout – why? The simple reason that for us it was a centrally managed “mailbox” but for our customers is was a simple email. Not a ticket ID or number or any other way of making our customers feel unimportant.

Phone us, email us or chat to us online – but remember, you are our partner and not just a number!

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