We are really excited to have signed a partnership deal with Shopware. For a long time the go to eCommerce platform that everyone has been talking about is Magento – but we feel this is all about to change…. enter Shopware.


For years now Shopware have been growing a strong and loyal customer base in Germany, building a great product and service offering. Now in 2016 with the launch of Shopware 5 they are coming to the UK.

Shopware is different to the other eCommerce platforms out there, they expertly balance the innovation and community-centric open source philosophy with a commercial product – the output is a revelation.

Shopware 5 manages to merge the emotional experience of shopping in a physical store with the convenience and efficiency of an online store. The core product is incredibly powerful with amazing content management features and an ERP solution built it.

At the centre of the emotional shopping experience are “Shopping Worlds”, these are immersive graphical pages full of branding and imagery – but “add to cart” is just a click away. By letting the website owner create moodshot pages with hotspot links to product details or entire recipes of products cleverly grouped together in a scene. This is all done through drag and drop UI.

The shopping experience is both pleasurable and informative, but importantly commercial.

Shopping Worlds

Shopware have cleverly combined the design and user experience (UX) with the overall goal – sell more products. Perfect balance.

We are delighted to be working with the Ruffy, Heike and the team at Shopware to support their roll out in the UK. We are building plugins and integrations for their platform (with www.infinite-connect.com of course) as well as customer websites.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more, we can create a demo site just for you and walk you through this impressive platform.

It is an exciting time for Infinite Codeworks and Shopware.


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