We were really excited to work with Paulmann Licht on this project – why? Because it is the first time that these two great powers in eCommerce were being integrated together: ChannelAdvisor and Shopware.

Paulmann Licht is a lighting company founded with one simple goal: to improve their customers’ quality of living through lighting. A family run business, they have grown over the last 35 years and now operate in over 40 countries, offering over 3,000 award-winning luminaires, lighting systems and accessories.

Paulmann Licht wanted to expand their growing business into the marketplaces they had selected ChannelAdvisor to help them with this.

The challenge here was that Shopware does not support the creation of orders via it’s API (it is normally pushing orders out to other systems), so we had to extend the Shopware API to allow for order creation and also getting shipments. We worked closely with the fantastic team at Shopware to make this a reality.

The integration between ChannelAdvisor and Shopware is now live with orders flowing from ChannelAdvisor through Shopware and then on to SAP. Orders are despatched from SAP and then this information then flows back through Shopware and onto ChannelAdvisor.

Another integration problem solved with our Infinite Connect service. You can read more about the wider project here.

We are looking forward to many more Shopware integration projects.

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