We have tried and failed and we are more than happy to admit it.

Like many software development companies we have been using Jira (and Confluence) to help us manage our projects, it is a well trodden path for all types of project management and especially for Technology companies. The trouble is that it just doesn’t work well enough for us, we have wrestled with it and tried to tame it’s many features into something that will work.. but the bottom line is it won’t. There is a good reason why: we are not like many software development companies!

We don’t operate in a traditional structure with project managers and business analysts writing specifications that developers follow and then testers test. You won’t hear us talk about sprints, scrums and waterfall or agile or agile-ish(!)

Our methodology is simple: get the job done.

You see we work on projects that are big and small, with clients who are startups or enterprise and one thing is always the consistent: they just want a solution. It is from this desire to deliver our customers a solution that fits with their business that we can’t be tied into a “project methodology”, we would spend so much time adjusting the methodology and following a process that we would never get any work done. You see it’s all about the output, not the input or the process.

So how to we do it?

We empower our greatest assets – our developers and give them total responsibility. By turning the traditional structure on it’s head and putting our developers directly in contact with our clients we achieve great outcomes. The reasons are simple – if you are in direct contact you build a clear understanding of the task at hand and will do a much better job. Couple this will 100% responsibility for supporting your own code and you create a far more powerful culture of responsibility.

People quickly learn:

bad code = more support = less time to work on development = longer hours

So to empower our developers we need a simple way of tracking tasks, something that works well for them and helps them to achieve their goals… drum roll please… enter Wrike. It is just SIMPLE. We can keep track of simple tasks through to complex projects. As we work across projects the ability to see all projects at once and an overall plan (gantt chart) we are back in control. The control and power is with the people, not wrapped up in some hard to reach field or status or setting and this helps us to focus on delivery to our customers and not being inward looking.

With Wrike we can work on the task at hand without being held back which leads us onto our next simple formula:

Happy Developers = Happy Customers

*** EDIT ***

Following up on this post we’ve come across this updated article and thought it a was relevant update:

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