A few weeks ago after a few office drinks a plan started to hatch. It seemed simple at the time, we’d all join Ben as he ran the marathon distance in the Gower Coast Run. Luckily sanity prevailed the morning after and we settled for something more sensible – a half marathon.. what were we thinking.

Anyway a few weeks have since past and a few runs have taken place. Here we all are heading out with a spring in our step. Between 7-10km later everyone has made it back to the office for a quick bit of fruit from the fruit box and then on with the day.


Is this the beginning of the office running club?!

Ben is off to Ukraine this weekend to run a marathon and will be joined by about 10 of the Ukraine team running various other distances. We’ll let him off because the lunatic has entered the Marathon des Sables next year.

You can read more about his efforts and support the charity here: www.1moremile.co.uk

Think we’ll all stick to something a little more manageable and enjoyable!

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